Face Painting & Body Art by Chayo

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Face Painting

Face Painting and Body Art by Chayo, provides theme park style face painting in Lake County California (Kelseyville, Lakeport, Clear Lake and its surrounding towns).  Face Painting can add that instant "WOW FACTOR" to your event.  Each guest gets his or her own special design, and the painting becomes a beautiful and unique experience. 

Face painting is not just for children, grown-ups love to get in the action as well.  Feel free to check out the face painting galleries to see both children and adults with their  "Fantasy" designs painted on. 

Face Painting is great to have at birthday parties, weddings, graduations, dances, for special events or just for fun! 

About our paints......

You can rest assured that only FDA Approved, professional Face Paints are used and cosmetic grade glitters, specially designed for face painting. We only use the finest and highest quality face paints and glitters available in the industry.  The Face Paints can easily be removed and washed off using soap and water.

Just in time for Summer, we are now offering WATER PROOF FACE PAINT! Imagine being able to swim, go on the water slide or have a water balloon fight and not smearing the face paint, one bit! Inquire about this service for more information and your summer event will be the talk of the town!

About the Artist....

"Chayo" is a native of Lake County California and all of her life she has been creative and extremely innovative. As a mother of a young child, she understands children and has the patience to work with them. 

She is gentle and soft spoken and children love to be around her.  In the past, she has worked in the Early Childhood Education field and speaks both Spanish and English.

She paints because of the freedom of expression that it offers. To her, each painting is unique and special.  She also loves to see the children's (and adults) faces after they first see themselves with their "FANTASY FACE PAINTINGS" on
. Her artistry brings children's imagination to life, as she turns them into superheroes, magical princesses and beautiful glittery butterflies. She comes alive when she is creating art and when she is painting.

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